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is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 1960. We're based in Denton, Texas, and operate through a volunteer Board of Directors.  We're people like you, who live and work throughout North Texas.

We're here to help our friends who live at DSSLC.  They have severe mental and physical disabilities. Yet they are some of the most exceptional people you may ever meet.  The Residents strive to live, laugh, and love each day of their lives. You're invited to tour the campus and meet some of these fascinating and inspiring individuals.  Please contact Valerie Avery at 940-591-3633.  


Through donations from you and other members of the public, including grants and planned giving, we're able to make building and environmental improvements, fund recreational activities and educational services, purchase therapeutic and medical equipment and services, and generally help meet the needs of the Residents on a financial basis where the State of Texas does not.  

There are only so many services and funds from the State.  So it is up to us - VSC and You - to gap the difference.  Please call any board member for more information.   Thank You!


is located on 189 wooded acres in south Denton, Texas.  It is Home to more than 400 people with intellectual, physical, and behavioral health disabilities.  It is the largest of all state supported living centers, serving 18 counties in North Texas.  This facility is also the only center which serves Residents requiring ventilators.


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